Liz Ruff
Liz Ruff's Fundraiser

Let's bring new meaning to the number 2020! My goal is to raise $2020 for people living with metastatic breast cancer. And I need your help!

Your donation will go towards the ongoing & daunting costs not covered by insurance. Give what you can - every donation matters!

$1,495 towards $2,020

Bob Carey's tutu photos caught my eye, made me smile, then helped me understand the daily financial stress on women and men living with breast cancer. I have some fun new ideas for silly tutu shots (including socially-distanced ones of course!) so let's raise some money together and, while we're at it, generate smiles along the way. We could all use a little "happy" during these crazy times.

Supporting friends & family with breast cancer isn't easy during a pandemic. Where we want to hug, we need to socially distance to keep them safe. Living day-to-day with breast cancer in these crazy times is harder too. Every little bit will help to meet my fundraising goal!