Francesca Coloni
Francesca Coloni's Fundraiser

In memory of my Mom, I am raising funds to provide some financial and emotional relief to families with breast cancer patients

With our donations we can minimize financial worries for those living with breast cancer so they can enjoy some quality time with their loved ones. 

$2,099 towards $1,700

November 17th will mark 10 years without my Mom. The saying goes that "time is the greatest healer" but only memories really fill my void. I am blessed that I still feel her love, every moment, 'cheek to cheek' with me like in this picture.

Nothing can bring my Mom back, but I know the greatest way to celebrate her life and her noble soul is to give other families with breast cancer patients some more time to be 'cheek to cheek', to comfort each other and to create memorable moments to fill their void when the time comes.

Alleviating the stress of logistics, transportation to therapies, wigs fittings, and removing the financial worry about food and utility bills is something that we can collectively achieve with your donation, however small or large, towards my fundraising target for the Tutu Project.

17 was our charm and 17th was the day she left us, therefore $1700 is my goal. There is no big enough amount to satisfy all needs or too low donation to appreciate your generosity.

You will receive a tutu with donations of $25 so that you can also #Dare2Tutu, but I would just love that all of you left any nominal amount to accompany me in this tribute. THANK YOU