Liz Ruff
Liz Ruff's Fundraiser

It's the year. It's my goal. How easy is that?! Help me raise $2,021 for people living with metastatic breast cancer.

Your donation will go towards the ongoing & daunting costs not covered by insurance. Give what you can - every donation matters!

$3,711 towards $2,021

I believe in the healing powers of positive thinking and happiness. But let's face it - healing powers don't pay bills not covered by insurance. That's where #Dare2Tutu comes in. Join me in raising awareness & funds for those living with metastatic breast cancer. Together we can generate some smiles, raise a little money and make a difference. Follow me on Instagram @lizwith4boys to see where the tutu magic happens this year. Better yet - be IN the photos WITH me! Just let me know when & where :)

Every donation helps me meet my goal for The Tutu Project. The funds raised are awarded in the form of grants to 501(c)3 community-based breast cancer non-profit organizations to conduct outreach, provide financial assistance with incidental expenses not covered by medical insurance. Simple things like a ride to chemo. Child care. Food in the fridge. A mortgage payment. The Tutu Project helps people with breast cancer get through their day with support for all those things that cancer doesn’t care about. All the everyday stuff that suddenly becomes unaffordable – even for people with insurance. And when it seems like getting through the day feels impossible The Tutu Project is there with a little emotional support too.