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As president of the Women's Networking Group (WNG) at Avantus we work to support the women around us, in our families, within the workplace, and within our community. This year, for Breast Cancer Awareness Month we will host several events in support of The tutu project. Personally this organization has a story behind it that was close to home. Cancer has effected my family almost my whole life. During the years where we had trips to the hospital, parents trying to support the family while taking care of those battling cancer, it was hard, emotionally and physically. I know I am not alone with saying cancer has effected my life and my families life. We were fortunate to have groups within our community help support my family with dinners, gas gift cards and helping with household bills. It is organizations like The tutu project that make a difference in ways that allow families to be more present for those in need and at the same time shining light and laughter. Our ask is to help us meet our goal this year!

Join the Women's Networking Group from Avantus Federal in supporting real change. Let’s support good in the world and make a difference.

We join together this month to raise Awareness to the strong men and women diagnosed with breast cancer and their families that have been effected and who have then overcame the fearful journey with strong fighting back capabilities.