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Celebrating SIX YEARS of Partnership – Jet Linx and The Tutu Project image

Celebrating SIX YEARS of Partnership – Jet Linx and The Tutu Project

Join Jet Linx in supporting real change and make a difference for breast cancer patients and their families.

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

$70,790 towards $40,000

Last year, through our efforts to spread the word and connect with our clients, Jet Linx witnessed an over 1,000% increase in direct donations to The Tutu Project. Those donations mean more wigs, compression garments, and childcare services for patients facing breast cancer. Donate today to help us achieve new fundraising heights!

Each year, Jet Linx partners with Bob and Linda Carey to create a limited-edition image, bringing our company and culture together with the mission of The Tutu Project. These signed prints are then made available at each of our 18 Bases nationwide during the month of October for silent auction. These efforts alone have raised over $33,000 in our first four years of partnership.

Let's make our sixth year the biggest year yet!

Our Tutu Story thus far...

When Jet Linx raised upwards of $92,000 for The Tutu Project in October 2019, the financial aid could not have come at better time. Unbenknownst to all, the COVID-19 pandemic would strain resources and impact employment across the globe, bringing additional stress and worry to immunocompromised populations – like those facing cancer.

The pandemic poses new problems for those battling cancer. On top of the extensive health concerns that come with a cancer diagnosis – and being at a higher risk for infection – breast cancer patients are subject to the same financial woes brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. This is not to mention the mental health concerns compounded by unfortunate but necessary isolation. The need for support right now is more critical than ever, and thankfully, funds raised by Jet Linx are making an impact.

Jet Linx is also proud to spearhead a company-wide #Dare2Tutu Challenge, spreading the joy of The Tutu Project from Base to Base nationwide. Since 2015, this Challenge has produced over 2,100 images, with a company match of over $43,000 donated to The Tutu Project.

Have your own #Dare2Tutu image to share? Submit it to Jet Linx and we will donate $20 to The Tutu Project! Click here -->

Just a small donation will go a long way to helping us meet our goal for The Tutu Project of Carey Foundation. Read about our incredible success in 2018, and click at right to donate to this year's effort today!